Victoria’s not so secret.

I’ve not had the best few weeks…. nay, months probably. I’m not gonna lie, I’m struggling. I know I have spoken about this before, but it needs to be said.

Body positivity. Where the fuck is it?

I look in the mirror everyday and from my head to my toes, I cannot see one positive feature and why should I? Everyday I’m blasted with images of women looking a certain way, weighing a certain size, telling me if I don’t look like this I won’t get far in life. Times were supposed to be changing. It’s still the same.

Now I’m aware that I also have very deep rooted issues when it comes to my self image and I cannot blame society for all of it, but when the owner of Victoria secret shuts down having plus size models in their show because Victoria secret is about male fantasy, should I just give up now?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t a mans fantasy to just get laid…..with anyone!? Basically, what they are saying, is while your man is having sex with you he’s fantasising about a Victoria’s Secret model. WRONG.


When did the word fat become so dirty? When did the word cellulite become so shameful? I’m so fed up of people on Instagram and Facebook and Twitter and whatever the hell other social media is out there, advertising every which way to look better. Get hair extensions, have a shake, wear this, use this .

You know the worst of it all? I do. I drink shakes, I wear the “right” makeup, I try so hard to be slimmer and I’m so fucking miserable. I’m miserable because these people have told me if you don’t look like this, you could end up alone, you won’t have friends, you won’t be happy.

I’m on a long arse journey to accepting myself and it’s gonna take some time. But can I ask a favour. I don’t want to see pictures of how I’m supposed to look, I don’t want to see inspirational quotes about not giving up on your goal weight, I want to see pictures of you all looking so happy and natural and enjoying your life. Whatever you look like, because isn’t that what body positivity is? Not actually caring about what others think? Not needing the likes because you wearing the right outfit?

One day I’ll be ok, but today isn’t that day.

I gotta go, I hear there’s an opening for a Victoria secrets model….

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  1. I love reading your blogs Aimee! Always inciteful, blunt and so true. We live in a crap world where media is always pushing and promoting ways to look slimmer, younger, have more hair, have less hair (depending on body parts!), trying forever to make us think we should be “better” than we are. Fuck them! I know self image is personal and not influenced by compliments and others telling you how great you look BUT for what it’s worth, I think you’re bloody gorgeous just the way you are x

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