Sister, sister.

All those with siblings will know that life can get very competitive when you are constantly trying to outdo each other.

   Growing up, me, Vicki and Clare all used to compete for something, whether it be a parents attention or who could get into more fights! (Spoiler: Vicki and Clare won that one!!)

  But you don’t expect to still be competing when you’re an adult. Ok so the truth is we are not so much competing with each other, more me competing with them.

   In the early days, the boys I dated used to come over and salivate over my sisters. I have to say that really doesn’t do much for your self esteem when the guy you’re sleeping with would rather sleep with your sister! I mean one of them even started talking about my mum… He did not last the day!

   Unfortunately that kind of thing stays with you a long time and as we got older and Vicki and Clare got thinner and I got, well, fatter! It’s not getting easier.

  I have been referred to as the fat sister which isn’t exactly an untruth, but there is a little more to me than that.
  Yes its pisses me off that Clare has had 3 kids and is looking like a Victoria secret model and Vicki has no cellulite on her at all. I mean none. Nada. Zilch.   

  What pisses me off more, is that this is my issue and not theirs. I can’t be mad at them for something they haven’t done… on purpose.

  Unfortunately, they got mum’s genes and I got my dad’s genes. God bless him!

  I have no doubt that this has fueled my insecurities and has quite probably affected my relationships with men, which does explain a lot…… A lot!
   I don’t know how to get past this label I have and I’m not sure if I ever will, it’s not like I can cut Vicki and Clare out of my life? God knows I’ve tried!!

No this is something that I will and have to continue to work on.

   It’s all about loving me and telling myself at whatever size I am worthy. Luckily I have a great face, so silver lining people!!
   I think I would rather be the fat sister then have no sister, so I’ll stick with it.. for now!

I gotta go ………. I gotta brag to my sisters about how great my blog is!


2 thoughts on “Sister, sister.”

  1. Honestly, great blog but you need a slap! You have got an amazing figure!! And you’re so bloody pretty too! Give yourself a break, coz you’ve not only got these attributes but you’re not afraid to say what you mean and you’re a strong, independent woman. Be kind to yourself! 💪🏻 X

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