Not another birthday…

So, I’m officially counting down the days until my birthday. My 35th birthday to be exact. What! I hear you cry, but you don’t look a day over 21. You’re absolutely right. I just don’t age.

I’m like Peter Pan but without Hook or the lost boys or an annoying little fairy that I could just flick off my shoulder. Ok, so I’m nothing like Peter Pan but I do look great:  insert smug smile here.

    So, being 35, what does that mean to me?  I’ll tell you what it means to me, almost 40.. that’s what it means!!

  Now I know most people say age is just a number. But if you want a mortgage or kids then age is a scary number .

  I think I have accomplished a lot in my 35 years. I may not have accomplished a happy ever after love story, but there’s still time. Right? RIGHT??

   I love a good birthday. I love to celebrate and let’s be honest I love a present or two!  Not gonna lie, I’m pretty materialistic!  As the years go on, people seem to assume you should be winding down. Well anything after 40 isn’t something to celebrate.



How about celebrating being alive at your age when many aren’t, how about celebrating the day you came into this world when many don’t, or how about celebrating all that you have in your life up till now when many can’t.

Having a birthday celebration doesn’t mean your selfish or materialistic or self absorbed. It means you want to celebrate your life and why the hell shouldn’t we?? In this day and age, when futures are so uncertain, why not grab your loved ones and celebrate? You made it this far.

Well fucking done .

I’ll let you into a little secret…life isn’t promised to us and whether you made it to 5 or 95. Celebrate the life you have, eat cake, get presents , drinks lots. Coz it means something, believe me.

I know I’m going to!

I gotta go……………I need to finish my Amazon wishlist.

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