Life is a cabaret.

So when did you realise life isn’t a movie?? What age were you when it became clear that they don’t stand at your window playing music out of a boombox or meeting someone at the top of a very high building doesnt mean you have met your soulmate!

I was today years old!!

I’m not gonna lie, I love a good romance film. When Harry met Sally, Titanic, Sleepless in Seattle and the list goes on.

I love the happy endings; not so much in Titanic- if you haven’t seen it I won’t spoil it. Let’s just say there’s an iceberg and it’s big!

  I like that these people find someone. That they are not alone. I fear loneliness, I fear that point where Jack doesn’t need me anymore and it’s just me and the cats and an empty home.

I recently made a decision that was very hard and it meant taking a step back from someone I love very much. To everyone else it was an obvious decision. Should have been done months ago they said, but to these people who have someone they can go home to, the understanding of how hard making a cut like this is, isn’t there.
  I’m a strong person and I like my life and I like my own company, but sometimes that isn’t enough. Sometimes I want a little bit more.

So please understand that young people can get lonely just as much as older people. Sometimes we just don’t want to admit it. 

I gotta go………… Casablanca’s on

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